Palestinians and Israelis clash as attack on Jenin continues

Featured image: Palestinians protest at the Gaza border on the 3rd of July. Source: Jerusalem Post

The attack on Jenin in the occupied West Bank continues. We wrote yesterday on this military operation, which is on a scale not seen since 2005. After yesterday, the death toll has risen to 10 Palestinians in the recent assault. While Israel continues the heavy attack in air and on ground, it faces fierce resistance. Last night and today clashes between Palestinian masses and Israeli soldiers have taken place across the occupied West Bank. Protest marches have been organized in many places, such as Ramallah and many villages on the West Bank. These marches have been attacked by Israel with tear gas and rubber bullets. At Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem, shots were fired at soldiers. Armed resistance groups have blown up Israeli military vehicles and shot down drones. A general strike in protest of the attack has also been announced on the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem, and residents are called to take part in protests and confrontations with the soldiers. In Tel Aviv, a Palestinian man drove a car into pedestrians and stabbed one of them on the 4th of July as retaliation. Nine were injured. The man was shot and killed by a passer-by after the attack.

Clashes in occupied East Jerusalem.

The Israeli aggression is carried out on the pretense of ”defending Israel from terrorism”, but is targeting civilians. On the 4th of July Israeli forces fired tear gas at a hospital, where hundreds have sought shelter and treatment. Israel also fired tear gas at civilians escaping the Jenin refugee camp, which was targeted by the attack. So far at least 3,000 people have left the camp. The UN agency in Palestine says that the people in the camp need food, drinking water and milk powder. Aid is being prevented from entering, paramedics have to move by foot under bombing and gunfire, and many road blocks have been erected by the Israeli army around the West Bank. Israel is also reported to intentionally target journalists who are reporting on the events.

Tear gas fired on the Jenin Governmental Hospital.

The attack is carried out under the support and full endorsement of the US. “We support Israel’s security and right to defend its people against Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups,” the White House National Security Council said on a statement on Monday regarding the attack. Not even an empty word was said about the war crimes that Israel is committing, and much less was the request for humanitarian aid made by the Palestinian Authority answered.

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