Israel starts withdrawal with 12 dead on its back

Featured Image: Palestinian in the midst of clashes with Israel. Source: Reuters

During the first hour of Wednesday 5th July, the Israeli army began to withdraw from the city of Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank. The great military operation that they were carrying out by air and by land lasted 48 hours and left a total of 12 Palestinians dead and 100 wounded, 20 of them critical. In addition to the destruction of homes and streets. We have previously reported on the attack in past articles.

The Israel Army begins now its withdrawal after one of the largest military operations in the West Bank occupied since the Second Intifada in 2005. It has used airforce, including jet fighters, drones, bombs and missiles and has also attacked by ground, with bulldozer, military vehicles and several special units of their army, police and border police. With its withdrawal, chaos continues in Jenin’s refugee camp, where there are still cuts of water and electricity, lack of food and a large amount of health aid.

Video of the streets of Jenin. Source: El Confidencial

At least 12 Palestinians have been killed, including 4 minors. It has also been reported that an Israeli first sergeant was shot dead when the withdrawal was being ensured. During the withdrawal of Israeli forces, Palestinian militias from Gaza launched five rockets into Israel, intercepted by the Israeli Army, which responded by bombing alleged Hamas facilities. So far this year, there are 156 Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks, including 27 minors. However, with the rise of armed groups of Palestinian national resistance in response to attacks on the people, this year there are also a total of 26 Israelis killed, most of them settlers.

The 3,000 people who left their homes are already returning, not knowing if they will still be standing. Most of the refugees (around 17,000) have preferred to stay in their homes despite the bombardment for fear of leaving their homes behind. The camp was set up in 1948 when Palestinians where expelled their land because of the creation of the State of Israel. “We were not afraid, if you live in Jenin camp you cannot be afraid” declared a refugee. The people also emphasize their “pride in the Jenin Brigade, which opposed the attack”. This brigade is the largest Palestinian National liberation militia and unites different factions.

Woman sitting in a ruined house after the bombing of Jenin. Source: Reuters

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that the attacks will continue. “We will not allow Jenin to become a haven for terrorism” he claimed. And the state referred to the operation as a “broad counter terrorism effort” whose political target was the Jenin Brigade. But Israel’s impunity continues. Yesterday the White House issued a statement speaking of the need for Israel to “defend itself.” Today, the German Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Israel “has the right to defend itself” but that it must be “proportionate”, those reactionary Germans probably are experts in “genocide”.

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