Israeli State bombs Syria again and continue attacking the Palestinian people

Featured image: map of Syria, highlighting the occupied Golan Heights and Damascus and Aleppo. Source: ABC News.

In the early hours of Monday, 28th of August, the State of Israel bombed again the international airport of Aleppo, in Syria. Additionally, last week there was also an Israeli airstrike on Damascus. Such attacks have become usual in Syria since the civil war began in this country in 2011, and the focus of Israeli strikes has been mainly on Damascus and Aleppo airports. So far this year, there have been several bombings against Aleppo airport. One of the most serious was last March, in which the State of Israel bombed the airport when it was being used very intensively to receive much of the humanitarian aid received by Syria to help the victims of the earthquake. We have previously reported on that.

These Israeli violations of the sovereign territory of other countries are constant, and for example in the Syrian case itself the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights is notorius. Also this territory has been used constantly to bomb the Syrian civilian population, for example in the month of March, in which in an attack on neighborhoods of Damascus 15 people died. This kind of aggression by the State of Israel usually happens against multiple peoples of the Middle East.

Palestine is one of the most attacked territories by the State of Israel. At the beginning of July, the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people in Jenin took place. We have written before on it. On 26th of August it was known that one of the young men shot by Israeli troops has died due to the shot in the head he received. Since the beginning of 2023, 170 Palestinians have been killed in the Occupied West Bank.

The genocidal policies of the State of Israel continue. The settlers and illegal settlements are a key part of the attack against the Palestinian people. One of Israel’s genocidal policies is the control of water and the limits to access to it for the Palestinian people. The Palestinians suffers severe water shortages in the occupied West Bank, which contrasts with the abundance of the illegal settlements, which are stealing the water. As for the so-called Palestinian Authority (PA), it merely supplies very little water that it shares with the Israeli state and buys another part of the water from Israeli state companies.

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