Weekly Editorial AND: Palestinian National Resistance shakes Yankee imperialism and its Zionist puppet

Featured image: Palestinian National Resistance shakes Yankee imperialism and its Zionist puppet. Photo: Reproduction

We publish an unofficial translation of the Weekly Editorial of A Nova Democracia found on their webpage.

People around the world are stunned to watch scenes of such open genocide promoted by the Zionist Army against the Gaza Strip, all televised and cynically manipulated by the international media monopoly. Since October 7th, more than a dozen days ongoing, in which the Gaza Strip has been under total siege, isolated from access to water, food, hospital supplies and medicines, without electricity or fuel.

If that wasn’t enough, the Gaza Strip – which is 360 square kilometers, an average of 40 km long by 9 km wide – with more than 2 million inhabitants, is under concentrated attack by all means of destruction and an orchestrated media campaign of demonizing their resistance to the bandit Zionist invader. This has produced, on average, a thousand bombings daily. However, the epithet terrorist is only used to designate the Palestinian National Resistance, which seeks to free the nation from a genocidal military occupation that has been ongoing for 75 years. They try, in vain, to separate Hamas from the Palestinian people, but the Palestinian people support Hamas because it represents the force that has proven to irrevocably support the cause of the liberation of Palestine.

An unquestionable fact is that, today, Israel’s Zionist leadership wears the clothes of the Hitler hordes, and is not ashamed. The Warsaw ghetto – an enclave created by the Nazis to confine and exterminate Jews in the Second Imperialist World War – does not compare to the Gaza Strip: although in both the aggressor sought to eliminate the victim, in the first access to water and supplies – although restricted – were never closed, while in Gaza the Zionists left the Palestinian masses agonizing with thirst and without food for 11 days. The goal of the Zionist thugs is to break the Heroic Palestinian National Resistance: they fail and like the Nazis, they will fail! The Palestinian Holocaust Will Not Pass!!!

To culminate the Zionist atrocities, the bombing of a hospital in the Gaza Strip on 10/17 came to light, which in addition to this function, also served as a refuge for children and other civilians. 500 Palestinians were exterminated by the Nazi Zionist bloodthirsty machine. Who is now foolish enough to believe that Israel is the victim? Soon with a primary montage made by the Mossad (secret service of the Zionist State of Israel), a specialist in lies, of the voices of two supposed “Arabs” talking and blaming each other for what happened; in addition to the image of the place claiming there was no crater that its bombs would cause. Even more criminal! They used a bomb that, when it exploded, burned all the oxygen in its surroundings. Bloodthirsty killers, tomorrow you will pay dearly!

Finally, the situation is such that Zionism and Yankee imperialism are, in fact, faced with an insoluble paradox. They cannot continue bombing the Gaza Strip with impunity: the people of the world are rising in protest and with growing anger, mainly the Arab and Muslim majority people, especially those who have anti-imperialist armed movements (until the 18th, there were large and vigorous protests across the region, with several Yankee and Israeli embassies invaded by the masses with justified fury). Furthermore, the Zionists also do not want to invade Gaza: there they will face an even more fierce resistance, deeply united, in a terrain prepared to fight to the last man, not to mention that this would produce an immense risk of generalizing the anti-imperialist war throughout the vast region (which would force the Yankees to intervene again with troops, only to be defeated again by the people of the region), within the context in which they (the Yankees) have their hegemony threatened with the dispute over Ukraine with the invading Russian imperialism in the West, and the South China Sea and Taiwan with Chinese imperialism in the East. All of this creates resistance to Zionist and Yankee action. However, the Zionist far-right in Israel is putting pressure on the government of aspiring Nazi dictator Netanyahu, amid popular rejection of this claim, to give a bloody and genocidal response. While he makes promises to wipe the Palestinian People off the map of Gaza, he cannot do it at will, he has to follow the orders of his Yankee master, who in the current situation cannot afford such disgrace without throwing itself into the abyss of being attacked by popular armed uprisings all over the world. No matter how much the ultra-rightists of the Republican Party pressure the weak Biden to authorize the Zionist genocidal action, the Yankee establishment (bankers and the Pentagon) will not allow it at this moment.

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