Turkey: ITIF’s 28th Congress was held successfully

On Saturday 14th of April, İTIF, the Swiss Turkish Workers Federation, a component of AGEB held its 28th Congress under the slogan “Let’s organize and fight against the deepening contradictions, intensifying pressures and attacks!”.

The Congress started with a minute of silence for all the martyrs of the revolution and communism who have given their lives for the cause. We have previously reported on the case of Nergiz Gülmez, where the police harassed those who came to her tomb to commemorate the martyr.

Right after the inauguration of the Congress speeches were made against Israel and in solidarity with the people in Palestine. The attacks of Zionist Israel, which has the full support of the imperialists, against Palestine were condemned by the delegates of the Congress.

The Congress showed the great unity among the comrades as all the documents, after the debate and the critics was done, were approved unanimously by all the militants.

In the Congress, representatives of other revolutionary association were present, as IGIF or Partizan. Other such as Red-Purple Collective and AGEB also participated. And other revolutionary associations such as BİR-KAR (Switzerland), the European Council of Exiles (ASM), and AGEB component institutions such as ATİGF and AGEB Germany sent their messages to the Congress.

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