México: Act of solidarity against eviction and repression

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement from the Metropolitan Committee of the Current of the People Red Sun.

A few days ago we reported on the failed eviction of a young woman worker in Oaxaca City by various police forces and a civil court.

During that operation, several things became clear that the working people know well:

1. The Judiciary, like the other powers of the old State, is at the service of the big landlords and big bourgeoisie who use the law, corruption and influence peddling according to their interests.

2. The so-called “Dispossession Cartel” is an expression of this, and in it judges, actuaries, notaries, policemen, lawyers and a whole network of public servants are involved, who have dispossessed thousands of families leaving them defenseless.

3. This criminal nucleus acts as a shock group of the holders of the money and uses reactionary violence regardless for the fundamental rights of working families.

It is a fact that the “Dispossession Cartel” and its network of officials will try to carry out the order of the Chicano businessman who has paid to evict the working woman’s family; that is their objective and they have threatened to carry it out.

In response to this and in support of the community work carried out by the comrades of the People’s Women’s Movement (MFP-Mx), this Friday, April 19, an act of solidarity is planned with Miriam, the young working woman who is defending her right to inhabit the home and neighborhood where she was born and raised, and where she is currently in resistance along with her three year old daughter who was also beaten by the police during the eviction.

We invite people from the neighborhood, working families, progressive people and democratic organizations to join this act of solidarity.

Stop the “Dispossession Cartel” now!

No more evictions!

Stop gentrification in Oaxaca!

Metropolitan Committee

CP-Red Sun

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