Mexico: Weekly Newsletter on the elections to the “European Parliament”

We publish an excerpt from the Weekly Newsletter from Sol Rol Mexico.

Europe. The elections to the “European Parliament”, a circus formed by different imperialist powers of the continent for the distribution and control of the oppressed countries on east an other parts of the world, were made. According to the results of this farce and to the report of the press monopoly of the oligarchy, the parties of the traditional right and the fascist right have increased their representative. The European Popular Party grew from 176 to 186 seats, the Conservative Group and European Reformist increased from 69 to 73, while the arch-reactionary Identity and Democracy went from 49 to 58 seats, making up 317 seats to the reaction of a total of 720 in dispute. The rest of the space will be divided between the so called Progressist Alliance of Socialist and Democrats (134), Renew Europe (79), Greens/Free Alliance (53), Left in the European Parliament (36), and other 101 seats to independent people. However, despite this results, the elections to the European parliament have faced the wide rejection of the proletariat and the peoples of Europe that from different platforms has called on electoral boycott. As we reported before, different communist Parties and organizations of Europe, attached to the International Communist League, called on boycott against this show. After this, other revolutionary forces made the appropriate, an example is the poster of Galiza Vermelha (Red Galiza) or the document published by the Communist Party of Greece (Marxist-Leninist) [KKE (M-L)], that also called on boycott, in addition to the hundreds of agitation and propaganda actions in different countries. Long live the struggle of the international proletariat! Down with the hateful European parliament! Death to imperialism!

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