The struggle in Barro Branco continues

On June 14 the peasants of Barro Branco made a demonstration rejecting the installation of electric fences at the entry to where they sleep. As we have previously reported, the Agropecuária Mata Sul Ltda is trying to pressure the peasant to steal their land. It uses sabotage methods, as the poisoning of water fountains, or direct death threats, sending, without result, a group of goons to scare the peasant.

By this new attempt, they are trying to put electric fences in the area where the peasant sleep so to continue pressuring them. But the peasants, led by the League of Poor Peasants, went to where the fences were being installed to show the rejection to the latifundium company.

This construction is a risk for the life of children and the animals from the peasants. “We are warning you that we will not accept the installation of these fences that risk our lives and that of our livestock. We will not accept it, we are within our rights. If you want a fight, if you want conflict, you will have conflict”, stated a local leader.

To continue their threats, a well-known representative of the company, who usually comes with goons, came in an intimidation attempt, but peasants responded with combativeness and they stated that no electrical fence will be installed.

In the city, solidarity actions with the Engenho of Barro Branco continues. On June 10 students distributed nearly 1,000 leaflets in the neighborhood of Derby, in the capital of Recife in support of the peasants in Barro Branco.

The constant threats and the attacks on peasants of the Agropecuária Mata Sul Ltda were denounced in the leaflet. This action attracted the solidarity of the passers-by in the city.

Students supporting the peasant struggle. Source: AND

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