Sweden: Boycott to the European elections of 2024

Below we publish an unofficial translation of an article found here.

Yesterday the EU elections of 2024 were held. The communist association made public its line that advocated the electoral boycott. After this, activists from several cities in Sweden, including several Suburbs of Stockholm, Uppsala, Gävle, Norrköping, etc.) participated in this campaign and sent photographs of the actions. Brochures have been distributed before the elections and during the election day, and posters have been hit in the areas where the electoral schools are located.

Below is the pamphlet text:

June 9 are the EU Parliament elections. The motto of the communist association for these elections is not to legitimize imperialism – boycott the EU elections. This motto and line mean the following:

The European Union is an imperialist block. That is, an association of imperialist states in Europe. The EU is intended to serve the interests of European imperialism, both economic and military. We see this clearly in how states benefit from the sale of weapons to Israel that are used against the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people for land and self -determination.

A strong EU means worse working conditions for Europe workers. Let’s observe the recent revolts of European farmers who have starred in response to impoverishing agricultural policies applied by the EU imperialism, which are also paid by the poorest peasants in Africa and Asia.

Only with the revolution we can overcome the demands that we demand from better living conditions and resist the exploitation to which imperialism exposes us. This resistance cannot take place by voting in EU elections.

Voting and giving legitimacy to the EU is to give legitimacy to imperialism and war. To oppose the oppressed peoples of the world and support the looting of Africa, the genocide of the Palestinian people by Israel and more atrocities that can be counted. His vote for different parties or candidates does not influence anything to stop this, no matter how much politicians like to lie about this matter. Do not provide your support to this corrupt system and opt for boycotting it in its entirety.

Do not vote in the EU elections on June 9.

Contact us through Kommuniste.nu

Here are some images sent to the edition:

Posters and periods in the form of a mural in the electoral collection of Gävle and in several places in Sandviken.

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