Chile: protest day against imperialism and in defense of housing

Featured image: banner against imperialism. Source: Newspaper El Pueblo.

On 4th of July several protests have been carried out in Chile, and the Newspaper El Pueblo has reported on them. All of them were within a protest day in which imperialism and the anti-popular actions done by the government have been denounced, and a solution for the housing crisis has been demanded. The Chilean people’s movement has showed its firm position against the ‘ley antitomas’ (anti-seizures law) done by the opportunist government of Gabriel Boric. Although Boric pretended to be progressive and attempted to trick the social and people’s movements of the country, he has been unmasked by its constant attacks against the people. One of the most infamous attacks was the brutal eviction and burning of the encampment ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’. Due to these facts, the struggle for housing in Chile received a wide support from several organizations from abroad.

In the first of the actions of this protest day activists dropped leaflets and hanged up a banner which reads ‘Down with imperialism’. The activists denounced how imperialism expresses itself in Chile through the several cuts of rights to the Chilean people.

There were also actions in Arica, where the housing movement took the streets to protest against the government indifference towards the needs and demands of the people.

In Antofagasta, the housing movement joined the protest and firmly took position against the ‘ley antitomas’ of Boric.

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