Actions and calls around the world against the Operation Kagaar

Featured image: graffito in Tampere, Finland. Source: Punalippu

Recently the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has called for a World Campaign Protest against the genocidal Operation Kagaar, being carried out by the old Indian State.

Communist Parties have called or joined the call. For example the Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist has called for a week of struggle against this repressive operation. Also the Communist Party of Philippines called for a Month of Solidarity to fight against the Operation Kagaar.

In many other places, revolutionary forces are carrying out actions in solidarity with the People’s War in India and against this repressive operation and the old Indian State. For example in Brazil there is an extensive campaign going on.

Several graffiti have been made in Finland, at the cities of Vantaa and Tampere.

Tampere. Source: Punalippu

Vantaa. Source: Punalippu

In Galiza many posters have been put up.

Source: Dazibaorojo08

Moreover, many revolutionary and democratic media is echoing the information coming from India, the calls in solidarity with the People’s War in India. For example media from Mexico, Peru or Denmark.

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