Forward to 1st of May! – Against imperialist war and militarization!

Proletariat of all countries and peoples of the world, unite!

Forward to 1st of May!

Against imperialist war and militarization!

The 1st of May is the day of struggle of the working class and the peoples of the whole world. It is the day on which millions over millions of exploited and oppressed in all countries rise up and take their struggle to the streets. While the beast of the worldwide imperialist system in its death struggle is biting ever stronger, it brings more and more suffering, hunger and war to the peoples of the world. But they are not helpless victims, but struggle mercilessly against the imperialists and all their lackeys. This struggle is what will finally bring imperialism to its doom. With its existential crisis, its warsome aggressions and the constant struggle of the imperialists all together the struggle of the peoples of the world becomes ever more stronger and everywhere – especially in many countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia – the contradictions sharpen, once again we see that there is no ”good imperialists”, but they all are for war, hunger and suffering, as we see clearly today in Ukraine.

A glimpse on the world makes it clear that there is no calm in this system. In Latin America we see how the struggle of the poor peasants for the land intensifies. Especially in Brazil the poor peasants struggle under the leadership of ”League of Poor Peasants” (LCP) to occupy a peace of land in order to feed themselves and their families. In Mexico the poor peasants and indigenous peoples arm themselves against land grabbing committed by the reactionary government and its gangs of murderers in order to carry out imperialist mega-projects like it is the case with the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. In Chile the indigenous Mapuches struggle directly against the military, which attempts to carry out the interests of the big landlords on their territory using a state of emergency. In these and many other Latin American countries the struggling people are again and again facing massacres by the military, police or other gangs of mercenaries. Despite this they do not let it discourage them, in the opposite, the spilled blood just intensifies their struggle, because they have no other choice.

In parts of Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan the people are struggling of pure survival in the earthquake areas. Already before the earthquake the people of the region were leading this struggle of survival. With an inflation rate, that is yet unimaginable in this country and price increases, which have reached all basic products, they are damned to live on the streets or in poor shelters. The palace regime, which is currently under the leadership of fascist Erdogan, shows once more that it is not in the condition to feed the people and to guarantee their basic needs.

In Palestine the people continue struggling with all the means they can find against the military overpower of Israel, against the genocide, the displacement and the land grabbing. In Iran parts of the people against the reactionary regime and it cannot be allowed that some imperialists use this for their sinister means. Here there is 20,000 people who have been locked in the prisons of the regime for their struggle. There is a possibility that the regime will repeat the massacre of prisoners of 1988. In all countries of the world the struggles of the peoples lead to a great number of revolutionary prisoners of war and political prisoners, who continue their struggle in the the dark dungeons of the reaction.

In all of these struggles women stand in the first line, they unleash their revolutionary hatred against the imperialism and ever more heavily weighing patriarchal oppression. Also on the 1st of May women in all countries will stand on the streets and show the state that they unite, organize themselves and struggle.

Also in the FRG the imperialists and their regime rush to an attack on the living conditions and democratic rights of the working class and the people. The inflation eats away the wages, the wave of price increases makes basic goods increasingly unaffordable for many. This leads ever more often to rebellions in different parts of the country. But at the same time as the living conditions of the workers become worse and worse, the German and all other imperialists do a massive warmongering and armament. The struggle of the peoples of the world, which is reflected also in this country, is attempted to drown again and again to the repression of the German state. Especially the §129 a and b are used to defame any unwanted resistance as assumed ”terrorism”.

But the struggle here and the struggle of the peoples of the whole world can only be won in a common alliance, in the struggle of the right of self-determination of nations and for the construction of a new world, without exploitation and oppression – it is an internationalist struggle.

Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world, unite!

Up the international solidarity!

Forward in the construction of the anti-imperialist front!

Alliance Internationalist 1st of May

March 2023

Internationalist block in the 1st of May DGB-Demonstration

10:30 | U-Bahn station Straßburger Straße

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