CPI(Maoist): May Day statement

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We found this statement of Communist Party of India (Maoist) – [CPI(Maoist)] for the 1st of May:


Central Committee

Press Release

April 28, 2023

Observe the revolutionary May Day. Build Political militant working class and peasant movements in India against the Fascist BJP Four Labour Codes anti-farmer’s policies and all anti people policies of the government.

CPI (Maoist) conveys it’s heartedly wishes to all working class, the toiling masses of India and rest of the world on the occasion of May Day. This time we are going to celebrate May Day at that historical juncture when the global Capitalism is undergoing one of its worst crisis. Imperialism is staging severe repression and exploitation on oppressed countries and its toiling masses s well as all over the world. Inter-imperialist wars are intensifying and is heading towards nuclear war. The proletariat all over the world has today transformed into a mere appendage to supply-chains as source of surplus value. This has degraded all the elements of its existence and devoid it’s humanely life, compelling it to revolt against this given reality of Capitalism that dehumanizes the vast majority of the human population. In semi-feudal and semi-colonial country like India different forms of capital coexist and the working class exist into different contingent. Still in India labor is not entirely free as it is in the capitalist country and there is prevalence of the process of surplus extraction via the unpaid domestic labor, labor bondage and casual labor. Social and economic inequality has taken a giant leap since Modi came to power. Top hundred billionaires in India controls wealth of around 54 lakh crore [54 trillion]. Such a huge amount is enough to finance the union budget for 18 months at least. Concentration fo wealth and resources in the hands of exploitative classes has caused tremendous distress in India economy and to the working class.

Agriculture conditions: BJP government policies at the centre and other ruling class parties at the state has failed to create favorable conditions for the accumulation of profits for the small, medium as well as large scale farmers. The recent budget by the central government has constructed a plan of 20 lakh crore [20 trillion] rupees for credit. This is nothing but an outrightly mockery of the farmers demand for the cancellation of debts, framing laws on MSP and reduction of the input costs. Whatever surplus is generated by the small and medium farmers are extracted and exploited by the landlords and Monopoly finance capital, and the end result is that such surplus fails to develop the production. According to the last census, the total population of landless labourers was around 14 crore [140 million], and going by the recent trend their population has further increased. Around 83 percent of rural households holds less than 30 percent of land, and this is clearly states the concentration of lands in the lands of new feudal landlords and corporate classes.

Employment Scenario and attack on working class: Around 90% of the labour force in India is involved in informal sector. In the financial year 2022-23, around 10,655 micro, small and medium enterprises have closed down and this is the highest in the past four years. This informal sector constitutes around 30 percent of the economy and 40 percent of the labour force has been struggling from demonetization, GST and Pandemic. The share of government jobs in the organized sectors is rapidly going down the hill. From 2014-2021, the total job applications were above 22 crore [220 million] but, the Modi government was able to give around 7 lakh [700,000] jobs in government sectors. Apart from this around, 44 percent of government jobs are temporary or on contract basis. At the same period crores [ten millions] of workers and employees lost their jobs due to Modi government pro imperialist and pro Comprador bourgeoisie policies. The informalization of the Indian economy has further led to he exploitation of the working class and the peasantry. One of the major factor behind the steep decline in the share of wages (from 30% in the 1980s to 9.5% in 2009) compared to he huge increase in the share of profits (from around 15% to 55% during the same period) has been the rapid contractorisation of the labour force. The proportion of contract workers in formal sector manufacturing increased from about 12.26% in 1990-91 to about 42.27% in 2013-14. The labour participation rate has fallen from 42.9 per cent to 39.8 per cent in the past few years. The decline in real wages have attacked the purchasing power of the workers and the toiling masses. Between 2016-17 and 2021-22, there has been a drastic 62 per cent decline in jobs in the cement industry, in the metal industry the employment has gone down by 10 percent and n the mining sector jobs have gone down by 28 percent. According to NCRB report 2021, around 80 thousand daily wage laborers have committed suicide in the last two years. In fact it is not a suicide but a murder orchestrated by the ruling classes.

Privatization of Key Public Sectors: As BJP captured the political power in 2014 it has unleashed a series of programs to privatize the core public sectors which are the arteries of the Indian economy. It is trying all its effort to hand over the Coal India Limited and Singareni Collieries Company Limited to Adani and Ambani. In order to facilitate that move it has enacted Coal Mines (Special) provision Act, 2015 that allows the private players to produce and sell coal on their own administered price. Under National Monetization Program, BJP government is willing to privatize 400 railway stations, 150 passenger trains, 2,843 km of Dedicated Freight Corridors and tract infrastructure, among others. Several Public Sectors Banks, Insurance sector, telecom and other have been kept in line for privatization. Corporatization of natural resources is heading forward with the help of fascist onslaught on the people’s movements against the privatization of the natural wealth of our country.

International Working class struggles: The French working class movement clearly shows the political and economic crisis of the bourgeoisie system in France. Macron is sustaining its rule through decree and severe repressive measures on the mass working class movements. On March 23rd, the working class movement in France against the new pension policy and other working class problems acquired a militant form which made the ruling class to describe the movement as an act of insurrection. The revisionist parties in France are all marching shoulder to shoulder in order to protect the Fifth Republic from the onslaught of the working class. The Revisionist parties are trying all its effort to destabilize the ongoing workers movement in France through its compromise tactics that plays in the interest of the bourgeoisie. The genuine Communist and revolutionary forces need to wage a political and ideological struggle in order to continue the working class movement for building socialism in France. It is necessary at present for the French working class to go for general strike in order to break the spine of the system. In United Kingdom series of working class protests erupted from May 2022 that has also given rise to the political crisis in the United Kingdom. In USA, the nurse’s movement, Amazon Workers movements and other working lass movements are continuing. All these resembles the intensification of the class contradictions arising from the deepening crisis fo the global capitalist system.

Trade unions in India rather being having partisan approach towards working class movements, it is in fact adjusting itself to the compulsion of the system. In front of the concentric power of he capital and the government, the working classes is divided into diverse isolated parts. Trade unions are not taking the working class movements’ one step further in terms of political directions. At present the working class movements are displaying spontaneous consciousness that is largely linked to the dominance of partial demands as put forwarded by the Trade unions. Union Strikes have become formal in essence which is losing its potency for any minimum transformation in the living conditions of the working classes in India. Between 1991 and 2022, there has been a total of 21 strikes call given by the central trade unions, but all these strikes could not put any pressure on the state and it depicts a kind holiday strike. The Indian working class movements is passing through a toughest time in its history and only through having a clear political approach of forming unity with the peasantry and other toiling masses it can overcome from its persisting weakness. Today trade unions all over the world are under the grip of revisionist and social democratic forces which has entangled the working class movements in the chains of economism and reformism. It is the duty of the working class to fight against this anti proletariat ideology by building militant working-class movements and must move forward in the aim of capture the political power.


The existing production relations is exploitative and is acting as a fetter on the development of the production forces. The persisting backwardness of the Indian production relationship that is connected with the imperialist Monopoly finance capital, Comprador Bourgeoisie capital and landlords are impediment to the overall development of the working class and the masses. The Indian working class and the peasantry must overthrow these fetters by making New Democratic Revolution successful and by marching towards socialism. Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) gives a call to all mass organization, workers and peasantry, women, intellectuals, students, Dalits, Oppressed and nationality organizations to built a joint militant political working class and peasantry movements against the four labour codes, anti farmer law and Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism all over the country,



Central Committee

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