Mexico: Statement in support of UCIZONI

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of a Statement from Current of the People – Red Sun of Mexico:

Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo [translators note: Current of the People Red Sun] strongly condemns the campaign of persecution and harassment undertaken by the federal and state governments against the comrades of the Union of Indigenous Communities of the Northern Zone of the Isthmus, who just a few weeks ago headed the Civilian Observation Mission in communities of the Isthmus registering, together with 22 national and international organizations, the multiple human rights violations committed with the imposition of the Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (CIIT).

UCIZONI is a sister organization, which has a long history and moral authority in the defense of the rights of indigenous peoples and has the full support of the people’s movement. Yesterday through a statement, UCIZONI denounced that since last August 2nd the presence of Oaxaca state police patrols has increased at the organization’s facilities, in Rincón Viejo Petapa, and outside the home of comrade Carlos Beas, General Coordinator of the same, in addition to other incidents of harassment against the comrade Juana Ramírez, who is part of the leadership of the organization and was detained by elements of the state police and the secretary of the navy on board of the state patrol PE-014 on August 14th in Santa María Petapa.

These actions of persecution and harassment against UCIZONI are the clear sign that the old State is preparing repression, both massive and selective, against all those who dare to defend the land and denounce the imposition of imperialist mega-projects.

From the ranks of our democratic organization we support the dignified struggle of UCIZONI and the “Land and Freedom” Camp and we tell them: you are not alone, comrades!

Stop the persecution and harassment against UCIZONI!

Down with the imperialist mega-projects of dispossession and death!

The Interoceanic Corridor plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples!

Combat and resist!

Whoever governs, the rights of the people are defended!

With the Red Sun, the people will win!

Let the workers rule the homeland!

Current of the People Red Sun

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